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$150,000 project

The pricing of our tiny homes vary a lot depending on the model (dimensions, options, finishes materials). The range is from $85,000 for a 8x24 to $185,000 + for a 10x38 unit. The pie chart illustrates the cost allocation for each part of a project, from marketing to delivery of the product.

01 . Raw material
56% / 84k$

The raw materials include all the elements required for the making of our tiny homes, from the trailer frame to the finishing items.

02 . Direct labor
16% / 24k$

The direct labor includes all the work that is directly performed on our tiny homes, including our specialized craftsmen along with the different subcontractors implied in the construction.

03 . Indirect manufacturing costs
11% / 16.5k$

These costs include indirect fees related to the construction (rent, electricity, heating,etc) along with handling, certification, quality control and production management.

04 . Administration and sales
12% / 18k$

These costs include everything related to administration (duty compliance, human ressources, sales and marketing fees, etc).

05 . Profits
4% / 6k$

Obviously, we need to include profit on our units in order to have a healthy company. It is crucial if we want to keep democratizing the tiny house industry.

06 . Social commitment
1% / 1.5k$

Those fees include all the work that is achieved in order to help the whole tiny house movement, whether it's a live conference, a podcast or a tutorial video that will help people make an informed choice.


Different models, different lifestyles.

Our new standard models are the result of 6 years of doing custom projects for clients all over North America. Each floor plan is designed to fit a different type of household, but the color scheme and style of your future home is always up to you to decide.

Find out what model best suits your needs.

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*Price in $CAD

Accomodation capacity


Main floor
Mezzanine floor

Off-grid options

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47 000$
1 - 2 persons