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Financing : USA

Obtaining financing for a tiny house on wheels is now easier than ever! Indeed, we now have solutions through partners for both our Canadian and American customers. All Minimaliste products are RV certified by the NOAH organization, whether it’s a semi-permanent model (Park model RV) or a more mobile unit like the Nomad (Travel trailer RV). The type of financing and conditions depend on several factors.


For USA residents, there are a few lenders who can provide financing for a Minimaliste product, since all of our models are RV certified. The bank with whom our clients work the most is Liberty Bank. They offer loans up to 23 years terms, for US residents only. The maximum amount they can finance is $100,000.00 USD, including taxes and delivery, with a 20% down payment.  Once you have a formal quote in hand or a ballpark pricing, you can apply for a pre approval. 

- Minimaliste Team

Our first tiny houses on foundation are here

From our first years in operation, we’ve had the chance to work with wonderful clients located across North America, allowing us to develop our expertise and better understand the needs expressed in this booming market.

Resale value of tiny houses on wheels

Investing in mobile real estate

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What's coming for 2023 ?

We are thrilled to launch a new line of product with no wheels, the Mini³ (Minicube). This compact dwelling is a perfect unit to provide additional living space to your existing property. Since our needs in terms of space can evolve, this multipurpose unit offers many possibilities: home office/professional office, yoga/art studio, gym, guesthouse, etc.