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Financing : Canada

Obtaining financing for a tiny house on wheels is now easier than ever! Indeed, we now have solutions through partners for both our Canadian and American customers. All Minimaliste products are RV certified by the NOAH organization, whether it’s a semi-permanent model (Park model RV) or a more mobile unit like the Nomad (Travel trailer RV). The type of financing and conditions depend on several factors.


We are proud to offer financing for all of our Canadian customers through third party partners. The type of loan will depend on the land situation and also on the type of use you will make of your product. Here are the two possible types of loan for a Minimaliste tiny house on wheels in Canada:

RV loan

For the Nomad series, there is a possibility for all Canadian residents to get an open RV loan with no down payment, 20 years term, interest from 4.99% to 6.99%. With this type of loan, you start the monthly payments towards your home at the time of booking the project, which can happen anywhere between 2 to 6 months prior to the delivery date. This compensates for the absence of a down payment. This type of loan can also be used for our semi-permanent models, but there will be a 10% down payment required. 

Tiny house on wheels mortgage

As of now, is it possible for Quebec and Ontario residents to get a mortgage for their Minimaliste tiny home. There are different specific requirements and each case is studied separately, but our customers can get a loan similar to a real house, with a 5% down payment with CMHC loan insurance. One of the main requirements is to be owner of the land or installed on a long term lease (5 years +) on the land where the tiny house will be installed. For any Minimaliste tiny house, it is definitely preferable to have a land with services: water, septic and electricity

- Minimaliste Team

Custom project, what does it mean?

When choosing one of our models, you can still pick the type/color of materials used for the flooring, exterior siding, cabinets, etc. Even though we have a wide range of standardized floor plans, you might want to:

A: Provide your own concept/floor plan and have Minimaliste adapting/building it OR co-create your own model with our team from a blank page: full custom project.


Semi-permanent or mobile, what’s the difference?

Our tiny houses are divided in two distinct categories: semi-permanent and mobile. Indeed, some tiny houses will be built with specifications that are more similar to residential houses, park models or mobile homes, while some other models will need to be built in a way that will allow for frequent moves by the owner, like typical travel trailers.