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Our company works in the field of design and manufacturing of tiny houses.
We attach great importance to the confidentiality and security of your
personal information and its protection is one of our most important
priorities. We invite you to consult the detailed information on our
Governance policies and practices.

We understand by personal information any information that concerns a
natural person and allows them to be identified directly or indirectly. Are not
covered by this policy your personal information which concerns the exercise
of your role within a company.
This privacy policy has been created because our company collects through
through technological means personal information about you.
This aims to inform you about the way in which we collect, use,
communicate, store and destroy your personal information collected by
technological means as well as certain of your rights.

Personal information that may be collected by us through the means
technologies in the context of our activities are as follows:

● First and last name;
● Date of birth;
● Number
● Home address;
● Number of
● Email address;
● Civil status;
● Gender;
● Employment;

● Salary;
● Information
schools and
● Account number
● Card number
● Credit rating;
● Credit report;

We also collect information about the use of our website and
other technical information related to your interactions on it by means of
cookies and other tracking technologies. We invite you to consult our
Cookie management policy on this subject.
Accordingly, when you agree to provide us with your information
personal during our various interactions, notably by email or through
our website, you consent to these being processed in accordance with the

this policy and the Cookie Management Policy and that we use and
communicate these as part of our activities for the following purposes:
● Proceed to open your customer file;
● Proceed with your membership as a member;
● Proceed with your financing;
● Provide you with the services requested;
● Send you your purchase;
● Communicate with you regarding the required services;
● Communicate with you to offer you products, services and programs,
keep you informed of promotions and invite you to events;
● Communicate with you about any changes to our
programs and their operation as well as our policies;
● Ensure warranty monitoring;
● Receive and process job applications;
● To comply with our legal obligations;

We generally do not collect personal information about
minors. If we have to do this, we will obtain the consent of the
holder of parental authority or guardian.
We collect personal information directly from the individual
concerned. We therefore advise you that if you provide us with information
personal information about other people, it is your responsibility to ensure
to have obtained their consent to such communication.
We collect your personal information only for our business.
You can refuse at any time to send us one or more pieces of information.
personnel requested. However, it is possible that due to this refusal we are
unable to respond to your request for goods, services or employment.
You can withdraw your consent to the use and distribution at any time.
communication of your personal information collected by our company.
However, these will be kept by our company for the time required to be
complies with our legal obligations.

Generally speaking, your personal information is not communicated to
people external to our company. However, your information may
personal information is communicated to people outside our company for
maintenance or IT support, for the payroll service, for subscription
of your group insurance policy, for sending packages or to carry out a
secure destruction of your personal information.
We also communicate your personal information as part of
the use of the following applications; the Google suite, Sage 50 and BuilderTrend
which are necessary in order to achieve the purposes mentioned above in this
policy. We invite you to consult their privacy policy respective.

Your personal information is communicated only to our employees
have access to them to carry out their tasks. If we want all our
employees can have access to it, we will ask for your consent.
We do not communicate your personal information outside of Quebec.
If you click on a link available on our website to another website, we will not
are not responsible for the personal information communicated by you on
this website.

Our company does not retain your personal information for longer than
necessary and in order to comply with our legal obligations. We proceed to the end of
these deadlines to the destruction of your personal information by means
safe and compliant with standards. To find out more, please contact
with our personal information manager whose contact details are
indicated at the end of this privacy policy.

Our company has implemented physical and IT protection measures,
appropriate technical and administrative procedures according to the standards in force to protect
your personal information. However, we cannot guarantee that the
Internet or email transmissions and electronic storage of data are
100% safe. Consequently, when you send us your information
you accept this risk. If you believe that your personal information has been
compromised, please notify our Personal Information Officer at
contact details indicated at the end of this privacy policy.

Personal information is accessible at our head office. You can
ask us what information we have collected from you, what
ways and why and for whom personal information is collected, what
are the categories of our employees who have access to your personal information
and to whom the personal information is communicated, the duration for which
we keep your personal information as well as the contact details of the
responsible for personal information within our organization.
You can also ask us to correct any personal information that
is inaccurate, incomplete or ambiguous. You can also ask us to stop
the dissemination of any personal information or that it be deindexed when this
contravenes any law or court order.
To do this, please contact our information officer
personnel whose contact details are indicated at the end of this policy.

Please contact our Privacy Officer for any
question or comment related to this policy, the Management Policy
cookies, our Governance Policies and practices or with respect to your
personal information as well as for any request for access or rectification, by
email, telephone or post to the following contact details:
Elyse Tremblay, elyse@minimalistehouses.com

This policy may be updated from time to time. Change notices
of this will be published on our website.
This policy is current as of September 22, 2023.