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Semi-permanent or mobile, what’s the difference?

Our tiny houses are divided in two distinct categories: semi-permanent and mobile. Indeed, some tiny houses will be built with specifications that are more similar to residential houses, park models or mobile homes, while some other models will need to be built in a way that will allow for frequent moves by the owner, like typical travel trailers. This is why you need to understand the limitations and specifications related to each of our two product categories prior to making a decision on which model would fit your needs and reality. Here’s an explanation of the differences between the two product categories.


This is the type of product Minimaliste has been specializing in since 2015. Those 10.5ft wide models will most likely not move during their lifetime, except for relocation to another semi-permanent location with utilities/services like water (city water or well), septic (sewers or septic tank) and power (30A/50A/100A connection or solar generator), which is required when choosing a semi-permanent model. Those units will require a wide load permit when being delivered by the transport company and they will vary between 24ft to 38ft in length. The tiny houses in this category offer the best experience for full time living or high-end rentals. You will feel like you're in a small and optimized, open space apartment, with the same comfort found in a traditional house. The models in the product category are certified by NOAH as per the ANSI A119.5 park model RV standards. They are meant to handle the Canadian climate.

Models: Charme / Noyer / Noyer XL / Thuya / Magnolia / Ébène


When we talk about mobility in this product category, we don’t mean simply bringing the tiny home from point A to point B. We mean the possibility of moving the tiny house yourself without special permits and bringing it to remote places when you include the proper off-grid options, which are only available in the mobile category. For the Nomad 8ft x 24ft, you need a vehicle that can pull up to 14,000lbs and up to 16,000lbs for the 8ft x 28ft version. You also need to have the proper sway-control kit when towing the unit. The mobile models are always under 8.5ft wide and they are certified by NOAH as per the NFPA 1192 travel trailer RV standards. They are great for getaway cabins, temporary dwelling and short term glamping rentals, always in a four seasons perspective.

Models: Nomad 24’ / Nomad 28’

- Minimaliste Team

Custom project, what does it mean?

When choosing one of our models, you can still pick the type/color of materials used for the flooring, exterior siding, cabinets, etc. Even though we have a wide range of standardized floor plans, you might want to:

A: Provide your own concept/floor plan and have Minimaliste adapting/building it OR co-create your own model with our team from a blank page: full custom project.


Financing : Canada

Obtaining financing for a tiny house on wheels is now easier than ever! Indeed, we now have solutions through partners for both our Canadian and American customers. All Minimaliste products are RV certified by the NOAH organization, whether it’s a semi-permanent model (Park model RV) or a more mobile unit like the Nomad (Travel trailer RV).