Modular, but without excess

Atelier praxis extérieur


Even if there is a trend to create totally modular environments to maximize small spaces, Atelier Praxis has another philosophy. ‘’ After having analyzed the interaction of many customers in their living area, we concluded that the environment with modular excess becomes irritating for customers’’.

The Atelier Praxis modular space is limited to the living room, that transforms itself into a dining room and can also accommodate guests to sleep. Only one thing is used to transform the living room into a dining room : a hydraulic foot allows to mount the living room table to make a dinner table. To transform it into a bedroom, one only has to lower the table on the floor with the retractable system, and cover the surface with seat cushions.


Volume and Level : an interesting way to create dynamic zones

Because the living area in a tiny house is linear and narrow, it is essential to use the height (roof +/- 11ft) and play with the volume. In order to release the floor space, the mezzanine is used as a bedroom, like many other models of tiny houses. The “split level ” format which hosts the living area / dining – room is a good way to break the linearity of space while exploiting the space under the floor. By juxtaposing the work desk of 5ft 6in in this volume , one can enjoys considerable storage under the desk , thus answering to the needs of a self-employed person at home.



  • 12ft linear counter
  • 24 in standard refrigerator
  • gas oven
  • induction hob
  • 13 drawers + panels wall
  • kitchen hood

Living room (3-4 people)

  • integrated library
  • ceiling projector and projection screen

Available options

  • Custom shower
  • Self-supporting bath
  • Washer/Dryer combo
  • Solar energy set
  • Rainwater recovery system
  • 60in HD projector
  • Integrated sound system
  • Retractable balcony of aluminum and cedar
  • Retractable bed
  • Retractable table
  • Floor storage system
  • Propane system with automatic valve
  • Custom woodworking
  • LED light
  • Exterior light
  • Conditioned air
  • Air exchanger HRV
  • Integrated water tank of 150 to 1000 L
  • Integrated or portable gray water tank
  • Compost toilet
  • Dishwasher