The plans

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The design

This model is characterized among other things by the lines of its roof, the location of the door and the entrance opening onto the lounge / dining room. It has a single loft that extends in cantilever from 24in to enlarge the space to the outside of the house, without interfering with the open concept of the entrance. On entering the house, the feeling of grandeur is striking, and this is exactly the goal of this model.

Indeed, the 11 ft high ceiling creates a huge breathing space, in addition to giving the opportunity to use the top of the walls to place the storage in order to clear the lower space.





Here are some of the features of our Sequoia, the only modern self-sufficient micro-house in Quebec;

  • Full entertainment system; built-in speaker, amplifier, 60 in HD projector , and subwoofer.
  • Complete solar power system; 2 panels of 250W, 2 batteries of 430 amp/h, 3000W inverter charger, regulator TriStar.
  • Hybrid power system, 110V and 12V, the building may be connected to a single extension or operate in full autonomy. LED lighting.
  • Hybrid plumbing system, the building can be connected to a constant water pressure or work with 12V water pump and the integrated 250 liter water tank. The water heater of 55,000 BTU supplies hot water even in the coldest weather.
  • Superior insulation, R26 in the walls, R39 for the ceiling and floor.
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Floor storage system with space for skis, snowboards, fishing rod, etc.
  • Full kitchen with standard sink, refrigerator/freezer 8.4 cb/f, gas stove.
  • Ventilation system Max-air with remote control, 10 speed and built-in thermostat.



The kitchen / bathroom that we propose in this model is in our view a good way to integrate the bathroom in the same space as the kitchen, while keeping a maximum countertop surface. Front space of the door of the toilet is a place to insert a portion of removable counter if necessary, to create a complete U-shaped counter.


The Sequoia‘s Loft is one of the most spacious in its class, allowing anyone to sit anywhere on the bed. Both awning windows can remain open when it is raining, which facilitates ventilation in the house. In addition, the top of the headboard window was designed so that the pillows are not directly in the window, as we have seen in too many tiny-houses on wheels.


The interior and exterior design of our prototype is only a suggestion reflecting the image of Minimaliste. Of course, the interior and exterior design remains at the discretion of the customer. The floor plan may be modified, like the windows location.