The design

The exterior design of the Saule is one of our favorites so far. The vertical and horizontal arrangement of the cedar cladding creates a harmonious contrast, without too many unnecessary complexities. The two colors blend in a homogenous design, ensuring that the house can fit in several types of environment.

This version of the Saule was designed for an environmental sensitive client, which is reflected in many aspects of the design. From the composition of the walls to the types of sealant, all the considerations have been taken to make our client feel good. The lack of cabinets in the open area is offset by the addition of wood and black steel shelves. The modern-rustic look creates a warm and airy space. The open area that acts as an office / living room / dining room is very functional with the Ikea-inspired “gateleg” table. For a model where a workspace would not be needed, this space can be fully customizable.

PRICE: 90,000$ CAN (turnkey)

Don’t forget to watch the VIDEO TOUR of the Saule, at the bottom of this page

The Bathroom

The bathroom located under the bedroom includes all the amenities needed for full-time use: a washer-dryer space, a small shower, a composting toilet and a standard size vanity. For this version of the Saule, we also included a 30-gallon drinking water tank above the tankless water heater and the pump in the mechanical room.

The Bedroom

The bedroom in the loft is very spacious and offers a nice view of the rest of the house. It is accessed by the loft-ladder with black steel ramp. A queen size mattress easily fits in and even gives an impressive clearance to circulate around and access the storage located at the end of the bed. Wall sconces on each side of the bed provide additional lighting in the evening. At the end of the room, a window of good size lets in natural light and gives a beautiful view of the outside.

The Living area

This 260 sq/ft unit including the loft can be perfect for a couple or a single person. It can receive up to 6 people for a meal and 4 to sleep. Its small size and its energy efficiency allow a use at very little expense in terms of electricity and heating. A blower door test confirms that our buildings are more efficient than most of the regular houses on the market. Contact us to have your own version of the Saule!


In the kitchen, there is a propane oven, a 12v fridge and the propane heater hidden under the loft-ladder. A pull-out pantry allows you to store different items in a very orderly way with easy access from all sides. The black granite sink blends perfectly with the wooden shelves supported by custom-made black steel supports.