The Design

Designed for a young couple, the Lilas is the first tiny house on wheels installed completely legally in Quebec. Indeed, this house now has its own civic address with tax bill, proportional to the size of it. This house has been designed with our clients’ two priorities in mind: the inclusion of a specific wood fireplace, and the smallest bathroom possible to maximize space for the kitchen and living room. The interior design is reminiscent of the textures and colors of the Ébène. We actually took inspiration from some of our existing models when designing the Lilas.

Exterior finish

Once again, we created an exterior design faithful to our style. The idea behind how we imagine the exterior look of our homes is focused on certain specific points. We want our houses to be quite similar in certain respects so that someone who already knows our company can guess that this house is one of our creations, simply by seeing it. We once again bet on simplicity with wood / steel, while having a very clean design. Eastern white cedar in 2 different tones can create interesting textures despite the small area.

The Kitchen

The kitchen area is in the spotlight in the Lilas! Customers being two budding chefs, it was essential for them to have the largest amount of preparation space possible. Custom design makes it possible to sacrifice certain spaces for the benefit of others, by considering the specific needs of each type of household. The workspace in the kitchen of the Lilas can make two or three people cook without problem. The size of appliances is closer to that of a conventional home than the equipment we see in recreational vehicles. Again, customer choices are reflected in every room of the tiny house.

The Bathroom

The Lilas bathroom is very functional despite its size. There is a 32×32 shower with imitation tile shower panels, a product of the Quebec company Muraluxe. The ceiling, as in all our houses, is cedar stained and varnished. This is a very good option for an area where there is more moisture. The mechanical room is divided in two parts to allow the use of the top as storage. The water inlet, the instantaneous propane water heater and the different filtration systems are accessible by lifting the double bottom of the wardrobe part. In the 54-square-foot bathroom, there is also a BOSCH combo washer-dryer. 2-in-1 washer-dryers do not allow clothes to dry properly, we recommend having two separate units when possible. Since this project had to be approved by the city, we were required to install the plumbing for a conventional toilet. However, we temporarily blocked this evacuation and installed a Nature’s head compost toilet, as desired by our customers.


Living room and bedroom

The living area is at the front of the tiny house and overlooks the front door. There is a space for a full-sized sofa bed, an entrance wardrobe, hooks for coats and a custom TV cabinet. In addition, customers wanted to incorporate a wood fireplace in the same space, which gives a lot of character to the house and serves as a separation from the kitchen / dining room. The bedroom is accessed by climbing the storage stairs. This staircase is a work of art in itself; cherry steps with a huge landing, large drawers and a wardrobe where we also find the electrical panel. The loft has a height of 4 feet in the highest part, which allows to be comfortable while sitting on the bed. There is a large awning window and a storage cabinet with sliding doors.



The base price of the Lilas is $ 122,000 CAN, contact us in the quote section to receive the technical sheet and see all our base price included. Our tiny houses on wheels are all unique, our models have been built to meet the specific needs of our customers. Prices vary greatly depending on the options chosen. At Minimaliste, we manufacture high-end products. Our customers can expect to pay between $75,000 and $160,000 CAN for a custom-built, turnkey construction.  Pricing in the US vary with the currency ups and down.

The Systems

The main heating unit is obviously the wood burning fireplace. We have included electric heating in the loft, living room and bathroom, giving customers the choice to use either option. The house is equipped with two external electrical outlets and a generator plug, allowing it to be installed in areas without access to electricity. LED ceiling recessed lights are the unit’s main lighting, but there are also wall sconces in the bedroom and bathroom as well as dimmable backlighting under each shelf in the kitchen.

In short, this unit has the advantages of a conventional home, without the associated cost and maintenance. In addition, the tests we have done confirm that the airtightness of our buildings on wheels is the same as for buildings certified Novo-climat 2.0. The superior insulation and composition of our walls ensure that our units perform well in both California and northern Canada. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or to know more about our products!