The Design

With the physical restrictions of our client, the development of an ultra-functional home was inevitable. We’ve managed to incorporate several systems into the interior design such as a wall-mounted foldable dining table that turns into a mirror, a custom sliding table sliding over the bed, a propane radiant floor and many others. The design of the Laurier is pure wooden luxury! We have carefully selected materials of superior quality; a modern glass ceramic kitchen backsplash, a granite sink, textured melamine panels, a hardwood countertop and thick wood shelves, etc. We took great care in every finishing aspect so the different elements blend together in the overall look.


The base price of the Laurier is $ 128,000, contact us in the quote section to receive the technical sheet and see all our base price included. Our tiny houses on wheels are all unique, our models have been built to meet the specific needs of our customers. Prices vary greatly depending on the options chosen. At Minimaliste, we manufacture high-end products. Our customers can expect to pay between $75,000 and $160,000 CAN for a custom-built, turnkey construction.  Pricing in the US vary with the currency ups and down.



What most distinguishes the Laurier’s bathroom from our previous bathrooms is undoubtedly the large shower (36”x36 ”) and systems layout. We used fiber cement panels with resistant coating for shower walls. The glass door also brings a modern and refined visual to the bathroom. In addition to having all the necessary systems in this area, it was very important for us that the access was easy and spacious, without disturbing the rest of the interior layout. At our client’s request, the bathroom had to be next to her bedroom so we adapted the design to fit her needs.


There are several storage spaces in the main floor bedroom. There are long shelves above the headboard, a wardrobe of impressive size with a sliding door system and an integrated vertical storage. The sliding table is a very practical embodiment and it moves easily on a rail system. This addition to the design can serve as a dining table, desk, storage shelf and more. Our client spends a lot of time in her bed, which is why we designed this open room by freeing the space above her bed, to keep the ceiling full height, 11 feet.


The living room has a sofa bed facing the rest of the house. This space is very cozy and includes symmetrical storage spaces. The TV is fixed on an articulated support, which will allow the customer to listen to the television even from the dining table!


We were inspired by the layout of the Chêne kitchen to create the one in the Laurier. Once again very functional and with several storage spaces, this kitchen is equipped with a propane stove and a stainless 12V refrigerator. It also features our signature mirror table, which fits perfectly with the rest of the countertop.


Access to the loft is via stairs, again inspired by our previous models. This staircase is very practical in terms of comfort and storage. A space has been set up to accommodate the washer and dryer combo, in addition to a top cabinet. The loft will serve as a space to welcome guests to sleep. For this reason, we have installed a curtain creating a separation between the loft and the bedroom, in order to add some privacy when needed. The railing of the loft is made with oak and metal cables to ensure safety and it harmonises perfectly with the rest of the house.


As in all our models, many elements are optional: The solar panels system, the wood species used, the storage loft, the finishes materials, etc. The interior design has been chosen by the customer, but can also be redesigned according to your tastes! The same goes for the external visual. In short, all options and features depend on your budget and your preferences.


Our client wanted her house to be self-sufficient in electricity, in addition to being equipped with our hydronic radiant floor system. One of the problems we faced was that this heating system works with a 3kW electric boiler, too much energy-consuming for a solar energy system. This is now a thing of the past, as we have developed the same system that works with a 12V pump and a propane boiler. We are therefore very proud to be able to offer this option for self-sufficient homes. In other words, this house is equipped with 2 instant propane water heaters, one for domestic water and the other for the heating system. In addition, a 4000W inverter-charger is installed to provide the 120V power supply when needed. Being able to open and close the inverter as needed is a detail that makes this system very efficient, even in winter! The 12V refrigerator and the 12V pump heating system are powered directly from the batteries without going through the inverter. Without further details, we invite you to watch the YouTube videos we made about the systems of our tiny houses.