The design

The Eucalyptus is distinguished on several points: warm color tones, functional kitchen with symmetrical lines, a small bathroom including a lot of storage, and more. We have once again respected the customer’s main needs, while bringing our “Minimaliste” touch. We also explored the layout of each room, by locating the kitchen opposite the bathroom. It is a rather rare thing in the tiny house world, but here offers a different and original product.


Our micro-houses on wheels are all unique, our models have been built to meet the specific needs of our customers. Prices vary greatly depending on the options chosen. At Minimaliste, we manufacture high-end products. Our customers can expect to pay between $75,000 and $180,000 CAN for a custom-built, turnkey construction.  Pricing in the US vary with the currency ups and down.

As an indication, the Eucalyptus model has a value of $ 130,000 CAN +tx, for the exact same design.

Don’t forget to watch the VIDEO TOUR of the Eucalyptus, at the bottom of this page

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a success just by having integrated all its necessary elements, in its dimensions; composting toilet, custom stainless shower with ceramic base, washer / dryer combo, sliding door, vanity and several storage spaces (drawers, shelves and cabinets). Every inch is used without compromising the ergonomics of the room (yeah!).

The Bedroom

The bedroom, located in the loft overlooking the kitchen, is divided by a low wall to create a certain privacy, while allowing an air circulation and thus creating even more spacious space. The staircase has several doors and drawers for storage as well as a black pipe railing, for more comfort and security.

Living room

The living room serves as the main living space. The dining room is located in front of the huge window. When it’s open, we almost feel like we’re outside! The living room also has several storage, including the one concealed at the back of the sofa. We also find a large library in red cedar and shelves on the opposite wall, to accommodate electronic consoles and audio systems.


The kitchen, shaped like a U, brings a very interesting visual to the Eucalyptus. Reflected as much for its functionality, style and organization, it is equipped with a dishwasher, a pantry, a propane oven, a sink and a fridge / freezer working on solar energy (12V). In addition, the ceramic backsplash is a first for us and we are very satisfied!


The second loft of the Eucalyptus serves mainly for storage for this guest, but it can also serve as a reading room or guest room. A black pipe railing enhances the look while making the place safe. In addition, we have once again built a very comfortable ladder to get there.


As in all our models, many elements are optional: heated floor, wood species used, skylight with terrace, finish materials, etc. The interior design has been chosen by the customer, but can also be redesigned according to your tastes! The same applies to the external visual. The solar kit is also available as an option for this model. In short, all options and features depend on your budget as well as your preferences.

The Systems

Undoubtedly, the most important complexity of this house is the electrical system. Eucalyptus is completely autonomous in electricity, without compromise! An off-grid system of 2kW is used to power the house with electricity. The system consists of 8 x 260W solar panels, 8 x 400amp / h deep cycle batteries, 2 regulators and a 4000W inverter/charger. When we say it’s uncompromising, we mean that it has all the elements of a conventional house: a dishwasher, a 60-inch television, a washer-dryer combo, an HRV air exchanger, a fridge with freezer, all working only thanks to the energy of the sun! As for heating, cooking and heating water, a propane system is integrated, because these elements are simply too energy-consuming to operate with solar energy.