The plans

Enjoy a huge open space area, well lit with plenty of windows on our front elevation.





The design

This model is not only characterized by its wide dimensions, but also by a unique technical conception. The mechanical room is perfectly integrated to the bathroom, using every square inch available with a complex design. This room under the loft also contains a self-supporting bath, a medium size vanity and some nice storage space. A beautiful barn style door creates a practical separation with the kitchen area.

The heating floor remains a substantial advantage, spreading a uniform and comfortable heat through the whole living space. A top-end storage staircase is well located in the kitchen, providing an easy access to the loft space. It has a built-in drawer and a removable step to totally clear the space in this area. The kitchen itself allows two or three persons to use the working space/counter space at the same time with no problem. A convenient wall mounted table is located a the end of the countertop. It folds back as a rustic style framed mirror when needed.


The living room faces a 10ft wide patio door, allowing light to fully penetrate the house and giving a great view of your property. A majestic woodstove is integrated to this space, keeping the Chêne’s warm look up front. Wood features prominently in this project, it’s everywhere! Ceiling is made of 8” knotted pine treated with oil, walls are made with 6” jointed pine paint in white, flooring is engineered red oak and exterior finish is natural white cedar.

The exterior design is both simple and original. Le Chêne has refined lines and a nice contrast between the natural cedar and the black tainted cedar. Aluminum mouldings really mesh the whole thing, ending up with a product that has the neat Minimaliste touch.



The Chêne’s kitchen is of the most spacious ever built in the industry. It is conceived to accomodate multiple occupants in a friendly atmosphere. A LED system highlights your dishes through the glass-front cabinets, creating the mood of your choice. A 24 inches oven is installed at the end of the countertop, completing perfectly this big working surface.


The loft space receives a great amount of light through the two awning windows. This type of windows allows you to leave the windows open, even when it’s raining outside, letting the air circulate properly. The 8′ X 9′ floor easily fits a double size or even a queen size bed. We access the loft through the staircase detailed above, and a rustic style handrail is also installed for convenience.


Many features in this model are sold in option. From the heating floor to the type of wood for the exterior or interior finish, everything is up to the customer’s choice. Solar panels are also a good option for those who would like to be off-grid. You can participate in the creation process of your own customizable Chêne! Make it reflect your personnality by choosing other colors for the materials or a different style for the kitchen.

Le Chêne, bathroom
Le Chêne, extérieur
Le Chêne, living room
Le Chêne, kitchen
Le Chêne, finition extérieure avant
Le Chêne, finition extérieure