The design

At Minimaliste, the wood is emphasized in all our models. We use the best wood species possible for outdoor as well as indoor, without compromise. For example, we constantly use oak for mouldings and other finishing details. The design of L’Acacia was a great challenge because of the many elements we had to integrate into the house, on a budget.

  • Two closed bedrooms, with storage loft for a vivarium.

  • Comfortable access, without stairs to the upper room.

  • High natural brightness

  • Round windows in strategic locations

  • Rooms each with a comfortable height, considering the maximum possible space in a tiny house.

  • Storage and room wardrobe.

  • 3 places sofa, with bed.

  • Shed for storage of equipment

  • A year-round home that can withstand the arid Canadian winter temperatures.


House prices are based on the client’s budget. Our tiny house on wheels can range between $ 60,000 and $ 150,000. Of course, it must be understood that the cost is representative of the choices of the materials, the energy systems chosen as well as the complexity of the design. Minimaliste offers high-end products, with above-average performance levels of standard homes.

The total value of the Acacia is $ 110,000 CAN + taxes, for the exact same design.

Don’t forget to watch the VIDEO TOUR of the ACACIA, at the bottom of this page

The Bathroom

Despite its small dimensions, the bathroom has all the necessary amenities without neglecting its comfort. There is a Nature’s head composting toilet, a stainless steel shower, a wall vanity to maximize space, storage space and a washer and dryer.

The Bedroom

Little tiny house on wheels has a room closed on the ground floor. The idea is more complex to realize, but very practical if one thinks to live long term in a micro-house. With a ceiling at 6 feet high, the master bedroom has a comfortable size, as does the loft located above. The wardrobe of the room is multifunctional; there are drawers, a pole to hang clothes and a hidden access that serves as a bedside table. We have once again reproduced the very useful system of storage under the bed.

The Living room

The living room also has several practical features: A 3-seater sofa bed, two large hidden drawers also serving as a sofa base, shelves for plenty of storage (guests are great readers!), A propane fireplace, a retractable dining table, and large windows to create a spacious and sunny year round.


A large and functional work surface is required in a kitchen, which is why we have created a counter with an extension in ” L ”. We work mostly with custom cabinetry, which allows us to use spaces as much as possible. The Acacia also has several storage spaces, including a sliding pantry.


The loft room was one of the most complex elements to achieve. A removable wall section with a pulley system, an accordion door for privacy, a comfortable yet easily removable ladder, plus a loft space that can accommodate a double bed and a closed wardrobe. Without a doubt many elements in such a small space!

Customizable and convenient

All our models are custom made, to a certain level. At Minimaliste, we believe that our customers trust us on the design and quality of construction we offer. Energy systems and design options are numerous, so our mission is to offer what best suits the specific needs of each customer. Our team is up-to-date in terms of technological innovations as well as new trends, to offer high-quality creations. Furthermore, we consider considerably the spaces dedicated to the storage, while respecting an ergonomic design. Storage spaces are essential in a micro-house where one wishes to live all year round, without being obliged to make too many concessions. We have developed techniques that allow our customers to maximize their environment. Every inch of a micro-home counts!

The Systems

Of course, our homes would not be comfortable and durable without the installation of powerful systems for heating, plumbing, ventilation and cooking. For heating, we used a propane fireplace with direct ventilation, as well as two ceramic electric wall mounted heaters placed strategically in the house. In addition to the Lunos heat recovery air exchangers, we have installed 3-in-1 air conditioning, as well as an automatic bathroom fan.