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What's coming for 2023 ?

cabine 4 seasons ADU

We are thrilled to launch a new line of product with no wheels, the Mini³ (Minicube). This compact dwelling is a perfect unit to provide additional living space to your existing property. Since our needs in terms of space can evolve, this multipurpose unit offers many possibilities: home office/professional office, yoga/art studio, gym, guesthouse, etc. It is installed in the backyard just like a shed, according to your municipality bylaws. The Mini³ is made for 4 seasons use, just like all Minimaliste products and it is built as per the same quality standards. The first model will be 8’x12’ in dimensions, no water, fully electric on a 30A or 50A panel. It will come standard with cedar and/or steel siding exterior siding, aluminum door and windows, a heating system, air exchanger, entrance closet and the Minimaliste signature finishes.

Base price: 47,000 CAD / 37,000 USD

Financing available ✔️

More details coming in early 2023

Some projects
Custom (Orme),Loft , photo: Minimaliste
Ébene, Living room, Photo: Minimaliste
Noyer, Living room, Photo: Ryan Tuttle (CA), USA
Charme, Kitchen, Photo: Minimaliste
Magnolia, Room, Photo: Minimaliste
Custom (Charme), Loft, Photo: Minimaliste
About minimaliste

Minimaliste brings a breath of fresh air to the housing industry with an innovative project in a booming market. 

From a sustainable development perspective, our high-performance buildings are build to last over time, while offering residents the opportunité to reduce their ecological footprint by maximizing confort and freedom.

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