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Our first tiny houses on foundation are here


From our first years in operation, we’ve had the chance to work with wonderful clients located across North America, allowing us to develop our expertise and better understand the needs expressed in this booming market.

Some projects
Custom (Orme),Loft , photo: Minimaliste
Ébene, Living room, Photo: Minimaliste
Noyer, Living room, Photo: Ryan Tuttle (CA), USA
Charme, Kitchen, Photo: Minimaliste
Magnolia, Room, Photo: Minimaliste
Custom (Charme), Loft, Photo: Minimaliste
About minimaliste

Minimaliste brings a breath of fresh air to the housing industry with an innovative project in a booming market. 

From a sustainable development perspective, our high-performance buildings are build to last over time, while offering residents the opportunité to reduce their ecological footprint by maximizing confort and freedom.

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