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Minimaliste & Monopoly Coast-To-Coast

"At Minimaliste, we always take our decision according to our core values, keeping in mind our mission of democratizing tiny houses in North America."

Some projects
Custom (Orme),Loft , photo: Minimaliste
Ébene, Living room, Photo: Minimaliste
Noyer, Living room, Photo: Ryan Tuttle (CA), USA
Charme, Kitchen, Photo: Minimaliste
Magnolia, Room, Photo: Minimaliste
Custom (Charme), Loft, Photo: Minimaliste
About minimaliste

Minimaliste brings a breath of fresh air to the housing industry with an innovative project in a booming market. 

From a sustainable development perspective, our high-performance buildings are build to last over time, while offering residents the opportunité to reduce their ecological footprint by maximizing confort and freedom.

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