The Ébène

Exterior finish

This time, we opted for a mostly vertical exterior finish. Caroline, our designer, wanted to design an almost all black model for a while. We were really happy when our customers accepted the color proposal for their home! We could have choose a darker black, but the cedar could have react badly to the sun overtime. The contrast with the natural wood color also gives character to the house. In addition, the extended front part area gives an interesting texture from the outside, creating a unique and modern design.

Fully electrical!

The Ébène is a model designed for Ontario customers, a place as cold and wet as Quebec. Having access to electricity on their land, they chose the 50 amp electrical option for their home. This is also what we suggested at first, because we always recommend to use the available resources in the first place and to opt for options of autonomy if necessary only. This ensures we do not waste a large part of the budget on a system that would be partly used or not used. Of course, an electrical model is a little simpler for us because we do not have to worry about 12v system, propane lines, outdoor storage for systems and batteries, etc.

The main advantage is the stability and reliability of the system, especially when we also install a hydronic heating floor. The same system when propane-powered requires more periodic maintenance and checking. In addition, a propane water heater is always a little less reliable than a conventional electrical water heater, because it must have an air intake and exhaust. Even when properly installed, there is a thermal weakness in the house. In the Ébène, no propane tank to fill, no hole that lets the cold air in, just a small electricity bill at the end of the month!

Interior Design

Proximity with the customer is one of the fundamental aspects of our creation process. From the very beginning of the design to the end of the construction, we rely on transparency and the implication of the future owners of our houses. In this way, our designer is able to truly understand our client’s reality. In this case, The Ébène was built for a young couple from Ontario. Their needs were clear; they wanted a home with all the amenities found in conventional residential constructions. Based on that, we created a very functional space while making sure they don’t feel boxed in their home.


In terms of kitchen space, our customers had specific needs for different appliances to include. Indeed, this area features a ceramic glass cooktop, a convection oven/microwave, a fridge and a freezer. All these elements are installed in a custom cabinetry, in strategic locations that facilitate their use. Because the Ébène is designed for everyday use, the kitchen also has plenty of cabinets, drawers and a large pantry. In addition, because of the wide interior dimensions, 2 or 3 people can use the workspace efficiently and safely. Next to the fridge cabinet, a clearance allows the sliding door to open. This place is also intended to store the ladder that allows access to the loft located above the bathroom.


Living room and bedroom

The living / dining area is the largest we have created to date, allowing multiple layout possibilities for various occasions. The ” living room ” mode can be converted into a dining room that can easily accommodate 6 people around the table without feeling too cramped. The large window brings in lots of natural light, making the room bright and airy. Solar blinds can be used when watching a movie or simply for privacy purposes.

Above this space is the bedroom which, like the living room, is the largest we have designed in terms of dimensions. It is a cozy and relaxing place, while being very functional with the integration of a custom built in cabinet in the wall. Small custom bedside tables with wall lights also enhance the use of this room. Access to the loft / bedroom is through our signature staircase. Its thoughtful design makes it comfortable and maximizes the use of space. It features plenty of storage and also the electrical panel.



The base price of the Ébène is $ 130,000, contact us in the quote section to receive the technical sheet and see all our base price included. Our tiny houses on wheels are all unique, our models have been built to meet the specific needs of our customers. Prices vary greatly depending on the options chosen. At Minimaliste, we manufacture high-end products. Our customers can expect to pay between $75,000 and $160,000 CAN for a custom-built, turnkey construction.  Pricing in the US vary with the currency ups and down.

The Bathroom

The bathroom in the Ébène has all the elements of a conventional bathroom. It features a decent size vanity and a standard 30×60 bath-shower. For wall panels, we now install Muraluxe products, an alloy of aluminum and polyethylene. In the corner of this room is the mechanical room, including the hydronic heating floor system and the hot water tank. Also, the bathroom has a space for washer / dryer with storage and a toilet area with ceiling fan.

Long-term investment

To conclude, it is obvious that a tiny-house on wheels the scale of The Ébène represents a considerable investment. On the other hand, the combination of quality materials and proven construction techniques creates a product that will withstand different climates and will last over time. The price of a tiny-house should not only reflect a practical and aesthetic design, but a high quality product at all levels. We invite you to ask yourself more questions about what’s in your walls instead of only what’s in between them. It’ll help you make a wise choice for such an important purchase. Do like the Ébène clients, invest in your future!