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What's coming for 2023 ?

We are thrilled to launch a new line of product with no wheels, the Mini³ (Minicube). This compact dwelling is a perfect unit to provide additional living space to your existing property. Since our needs in terms of space can evolve, this multipurpose unit offers many possibilities: home office/professional office, yoga/art studio, gym, guesthouse, etc. It is installed in the backyard just like a shed, according to your municipality bylaws. The Mini³ is made for 4 seasons use, just like all Minimaliste products and it is built as per the same quality standards. The first model will be 8’x12’ in dimensions, no water, fully electric on a 30A or 50A panel. It will come standard with cedar and/or steel siding exterior siding, aluminum door and windows, a heating system, air exchanger, entrance closet and the Minimaliste signature finishes.

Base price: 47,000 CAD / 37,000 USD

Financing available ✔️

More details coming in early 2023

Interested in this new product? Contact us at info@minimalistehouses.com

design for any backyard
funding available

More details coming in early 2023.

You can right to us at info@minimalistehouses.com for more info.

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Our first tiny houses on foundation are here

From our first years in operation, we’ve had the chance to work with wonderful clients located across North America, allowing us to develop our expertise and better understand the needs expressed in this booming market.

Resale value of tiny houses on wheels

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Financing : USA

Obtaining financing for a tiny house on wheels is now easier than ever!