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Mini 40


182 200$


Main floor
UHA  Cabin 4 saisons 12'x40'
12' x 40'

CSA certified*

The Mini 40 is 480 square feet in size. This is our largest model in our ADU series. It is intended for full-time living for a couple or a single person and can even include a desk or bunk bed in the second bedroom, sleeping up to 6 people in total with overnight guests. It includes all of the amenities of a conventional home for uncompromising use. The available space in the different rooms is similar to more conventional apartments, requiring little or no adaptation for people who wish to transition to this type of building and lifestyle.

3D view
Elevation view
Floor plan
Technical plan


The exterior style of the Mini 40 is contemporary. The clean and homogeneous design has been thought so that it can blend in well with any backyard. The suggested cladding is a mix of standing seam steel with hidden fasteners installed vertically with woodgrain imitation steel installed horizontally. The vertical steel is offered in three colors: black, white and charcoal gray while the horizontal steel is offered in three colors; espresso, desert and urban gray. The exterior trims are 26G steel matched to the horizontal cladding and the doors/windows are in aluminum, all black in color, except when the vertical steel is white in color. The windows are maximized on the front elevation, especially with the addition of a huge window in front of the small room/office, adding to the brightness and the style of this model.


The Mini 40 is the best alternative to a conventional apartment. It is divided into 4 distinct spaces: the master bedroom, the small open bedroom, the bathroom and the open concept living room/kitchen. The bedroom has two closet cabinets on either side of the bed and adding a storage bed base can greatly add to the available storage space. The small open bedroom can be used as an office or as a guest bedroom (bunk bed, double bed, murphy bed, etc.). The bathroom is very functional; in addition to a 32x48 shower with glass doors, there is a space for a stackable washer and dryer, a conventional toilet and a vanity. In the open space, a full kitchen, a small living room and a dining table furnish the space. The flooring material is SPC (Stone polymer composite), offered in three different color tones; maple/natural wood, gray and dark brown. The ceiling and interior woodwork are stained to match the flooring, with walls painted white for a cleaner and brighter look.