Tiny house on wheels


The design

Our client’s confidence in building her house had a huge impact on the final result. For the first time since starting Minimaliste, we felt that we could really showcase our know-how, leaving our creativity to the fullest. The Sakura has a bedroom with an optimal height of 6’3 “, a reading loft with abundant windows, an interchangeable lounge area in a dining room for 6 people, a roof terrace with easy access; the Sakura is both comfortable and convivial. Its numerous storage spaces are placed strategically and allow the house to be 4 seasons livable.


Our micro-houses on wheels are all unique, our models have been built to meet the specific needs of our customers. Prices vary greatly depending on the options chosen. At Minimaliste, we manufacture high-end products. Our customers can expect to pay between $60,000 and $150,000 CAN for a custom-built, turnkey construction.  Pricing in the US vary with the currency ups and down.

As an indication, the Sakura model has a value of $ 125,000 CAN +tx

Don’t forget to watch the VIDEO TOUR of the Sakura, at the bottom of this page

The Bathroom

The design of the bathroom is distinguished by its mixture of materials. An aluminum diamond plate serving as a tub/shower wall, hand dyed cedar wood to create a wood barn imitation, a bamboo counter, among other!

The Bedroom

The spacious bedroom has a large window and several storage cabinets. The heated floor ensures you a warm sleep and the bed base also serves as storage space.

The Living room

The living room, very functional, also serves as dining room. Each couch module opens to offer even more storage. The coffee table easily transforms into a dining table.


The kitchen of the Sakura was designed for a customer who did not need a large counter area. On the other hand, it has a large refrigerator with freezer, as well as a beautiful 24″ stainless oven. We pushed the idea of using the space to the maximum by including the fridge area with a wooden structure, allowing to enlarge the loft and thus create another usable space just beside the 16ft x 2ft window.


The Sakura loft space is illuminated by an awning window, in addition to a large 40 “x 40” skylight, allowing light to penetrate when desired. Access to the loft and to the terrace by a staircase/ladder made to measure. A nice little black pipe ramp is installed in the loft for the safety of the occupants.

Space Saving

We worked very hard to think different with this design. There is an incredible amount of storage in the Sakura, you can really see it is built for full time living. Storage under bed, built in walls, under every part of the modular couch…its simple, storage everywhere! The transforming coffee table and dining room area is certainly one of our best idea, with the pull-out stairs.


As in all our models, many elements are optional: heated floor, wood species used, skylight with terrace, finish materials, etc. The interior design has been chosen by the customer, but can also be redesigned according to your tastes! The same applies to the external visual. A solar kit is also available as an option for this model. In short, all options and features depend on your budget as well as your preferences.

The Systems

Always with the aim of having a practical and efficient house, we opt for durable materials, efficient systems, all to ensure a house that will last in time. The hydronic underfloor heating system, the only heating source in the home, provides a comfortable indoor temperature despite icy outside temperatures. This system is probably the best heating system a wheeled house could have. It allows the distribution of heat to be uniform, starting from the outside walls to the center of the house, leaving the dew point as far as possible outside the walls. In addition, it eliminates the need for a central location for a convection heating system, giving more space for storage or other important things.