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Projet sur mesure, qu'est-ce que ça signifie ?

Lorsque vous choisissez un de nos modèles, vous pouvez toujours choisir les couleurs des matériaux (i.e. plancher, revêtement extérieur, couleur des armoires) et décider d’ajouter du rangement/enlever des éléments. Même si nous avons un bel éventail de plans de plancher standardisés, vous avez peut-être en tête de:

A: Fournir vos propre propre croquis/plan et mandater Minimaliste pour la construire OU co-créer votre propre modèle avec notre équipe à partir d’une page blanche. Dans les deux cas, il s’agit donc d’un projet sur mesure.

B: Modify one of our existing floor plans: modification packages

A.  Full custom project (Design fee: $10,000.00)

Even if we offer the custom design service, we only create projects within the boundaries of our style and core values. I.E., we won’t do a gable roof house with a rustic look as it does not reflect the company's guidelines. Also, we work with the materials we know have the best applications for our tiny houses, this is mandatory in order for us to provide warranty and certification on all of our products, whether it’s a standard model or a custom project. Note that custom projects are only possible in the semi-permanent category, unless they are based on the same dimensions as the Nomad model.

The different steps:

1.  Reception of the RFQ (Request for quote)

2.  Confirming time frame/details based on production schedule (+two weeks)

3.  Providing ballpark estimate + Google meet (+two weeks)

4.  Providing official quote for booking agreement (+two weeks)

5.  Signature of the quote/booking agreement + $5,000$ deposit

6.  Signature of the sales agreement with updated price (6 months prior to construction)

7.  Downpayment (40% if cash purchase and applicable payments if financing is used)

The $10,000.00 fee is charged based on the time and effort involved in creating a custom tiny house on wheels with the level of attention to detail we bring into our products, from roughing to finish, no exception. It also comes with a thorough inspection process and proper quality control. Each detail will automatically affect another element of the design when working in such a small environment. Small architecture is the thoughtful making of space; a new design is a project that will require a true collaboration between the clients and our team in order to make it work. Custom projects may unfortunately involve unexpected events such as: delays in specific materials deliveries, postponed delivery date, pricing adjustments if modifications are made during the design process, etc. That being said, you’re in for a unique experience!

Custom Magnolia

B. Modifications to an existing floor plan (Design fees)

Making modifications to a standardized floor plan can affect both the cabinet drawings, electrical plans, plumbing layout, etc. This is why there will be an extra design fee based on the type of modifications you want to make and also how it will affect the existing set of plans with details. Here are the possibilities when it comes to personalizing a Minimaliste model:

Level 1 modifications (with no effect on the standardized floor plan)

1.   Windows/door (moving/adding/changing): $1000.00   + cost of window/door

2.   Cabinets (adding/moving/changing size) $1,000.00 +   cost of shelves/cabinets

3.   Exterior siding design/layout change: $1,500.00 +   materials cost difference if any

4.   Interior siding material change: $2,000.00 + materials   cost difference if any

Level 2 modifications (involving changes to the standardized floor plan)

1.   Custom kitchen: $2,500.00 + cost of extra time/materials

2.   Custom bedroom: $1,500.00 + cost of extra time/materials

3.   Extra rooftop deck: $10,000$ including skylight

*Note that all modifications need to be feasible and approved by Minimaliste. Some modifications may not be possible from a technical standpoint. Minimaliste will do their best to accommodate our client’s needs within the limits of our product certifications and design guidelines.

- Minimaliste Team

Financement: Canada

Obtenir du financement pour une mini-maison sur roues est maintenant plus facile que jamais. En effet, nous avons une solution intéressante via des partenaires pour nos clients de partout au Canada, incluant le Québec. Tous les modèles Minimaliste sont certifiés VR par l’organisation NOAH, que ce soit une unité de 8.5pi en largeur (roulotte) ou 10.5pi en largeur (modèle de parc).


Semi-permanent ou mobile, quelle est la différence?

Nos mini-maisons se divisent en deux catégories distinctes de produits: mobile et semi-permanent. En effet, certains modèles sont conçus afin de permettre des déplacements fréquents par le propriétaire comme une roulotte conventionnelle, tandis que d’autres modèles ont une vocation plus résidentielle / occupation à temps plein.