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We help you
to build your tiny house

You want to start your own tiny-house project? Minimaliste is selling tiny house plans so you can create your own! Indeed, the blueprints for the Ébène, Sakura, Acacia and Laurier are now available. The price is 450$ CAN + txs, including:

  • Interior and exterior walls elevations
  • Floor plan
  • Electrical and plumbing layout
  • Wall’s cut, imperial system (Note that it is possible to get the plan with metric system $)

Enjoy the many benefits

Also, along with our tiny house clients, people who buy plans are also added to our private Minimaliste DIY Facebook group. It allows people that decided to work with us to exchange ideas, share tips and ask questions regarding their Minimaliste project. We’ll share videos and pictures for you to use as a reference and we can suggest products options to fit in your house. The finish materials, appliances, furnitures, heating source and even window types are up to you, depending on your budget.

Testimonial from one of our DIY builders


“Impeccable service! We self-build our house with the help of Minimaliste without having any prior experience in construction. Even today I had a questioning about a problem and again we talked about Facetime until I understood the solution, plans and services for self-builder Minimaliste are the best investment we have done since the beginning of this adventure! Even if the house will be different from Sequoia, the construction methods explained in the plans apply just as much. We plan to move into the mini-house in early July, a big THANK YOU! “

Vincent Bureau

You only need advices for the crucial part?

You are already in the construction process or need advices? We have a private consultation service for 75$/h CAN. It can be done in person, via Skype or Facetime. No matter where you’re at in your construction process, we can help you solve your problems, bring ideas on the table in order for you to achieve your dream project!

*To build safe, solid and sealed tiny-houses, Minimaliste is using professional techniques. We strongly recommend that you have a skilled carpenter in your team to achieve this project.