Custom-made Model


Make your dream reality

The design

The exterior design of our modular homes presents a balance between the textures, the contrasts and finishing materials. No frills, these houses represent a charming simplicity. By combining the wood, steel and aluminum, we propose a very durable exterior finish, with moldings, corners and facias made of a commercial grade 26G steel and not in enamelled aluminum as most of the houses.

In addition, the roofs of our micro-houses are in sheet of Prestige brand, a top of the line metal frame is for the roofs with weak slopes, or in self-adhesive membrane welded to flat roofs.


For all buildings on wheels that have not been designed and built by Minimalist, we propose a management system “cost plus” which allows customers to track the progress of real-time construction. Depending on the size and complexity of projects, we estimate the time it will take to build the house and we charge an hourly rate. This principle also allows the customer to have direct access to the prices that we have as a company and we provide an update every 2 weeks, with copies of the bids, the original invoices and the time cards of employees.


When we bid for a custom project, we study in detail all the components of the micro- house with the client before giving an estimate. The customer goes through the creative process and should determine his desires in interior design term, in addition to select the location of doors and windows, structural and finishing materials, interior systems, lighting, etc. Specific plans are produced for each project by professional interior design and architecture. The costs for production plans (interior elevation, external and development plan) for the reservation of the construction chain and for personalized quote is included in the total price of the projects. These fees must be paid when the customer wants to secure its place on the list of Minimaliste priority customers and show his seriousness in the project.


  • Custom shower
  • Self-supporting bath
  • Washer/Dryer combo
  • Solar energy set
  • Rainwater recovery system
  • 60 in HD projector
  • Integrated sound system
  • Retractable balcony
  • Retractable bed
  • Retractable table
  • Floor storage system
  • Propane system with automatic valve
  • Custom woodworking
  • LED light
  • Exterior light
  • Conditioned air
  • Air exchanger HRV
  • Integrated water tank of 150 to 1000 L
  • Integrated or portable gray water tank
  • Compost toilet
  • Dishwasher