Nov 16, 2016

Extreme mini life

written by Minimaliste
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I was asked to talk about my “tiny” life because I experienced the extreme. Imagine this: my husband, my dog (a 135 pounds Rottweiler!) and I lived not in a tiny house, but on a motorcycle with a sidecar for more than two years!  Hard to be more tiny than that!

Flashback: in 2013, we sold everything (house, furniture, cars, everything!), left our jobs and went to live as nomads on the roads of North America. Everything we owned was on the bike. We explored the USA and Canada by living mainly in a tent.  Sometimes we were invited by the locals, and in very cold weather, we would sleep in motels.  Our bike served as a kitchen, a living room, an office, a means of transport and as a dog house for Lulu.  For more than 2 years, we experienced a minimalist life to the extreme.

Extreme yes, but this adventure allowed me to understand a fundamental thing: I can now define myself other than by my possessions. We have had extraordinary encounters on the road, we have explored fabulous places and I can say that having nothing, only the bare necessities, allowed me to live these moments more intensely.  My minimalist life on the road was … true.  I was always there, in the moment, with nothing around to distract me.  I learned to content myself with very little, to want to do my part to protect Gaïa, to appreciate the silence.  I experienced the void around me.  I had nothing but I had everything: an even more intense love relationship, an equally intense bond with nature, I was rich, I was free.

Hence the interest of living in a tiny house.  Thinking outside the box, going beyond the shell, beyond the environmental or financial motivation, and returning to our basic needs.  Live in a tiny house to be defined by your actions and not by your possessions.  Do it.  For yourself.

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  • Steeve Bécancour
    Jan 18, 2017

    Très jolie


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