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Minimaliste is an innovative tiny house company, evolving in the the North American housing market. With our customer oriented approach, we adapt our product to the customer’s reality. Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, our versatile units can meet different types of clientele.

From a sustainable development perspective, our buildings are built to last over time. We offer the opportunity to reduce your ecological footprint while maximizing comfort and freedom. Our dynamic and passionate team accompanies you from A to Z in the process of creating the tiny house of your dreams!

The artisans

One vision, many passions

The discipline

Our creations are the extent of the limits of our imagination

  • Live differently

    Minimaliste brings a new lease of life to the housing industry with an innovative product in a growing market. In a sustainable development perspective, our efficient tiny homes on wheels are built to last over time, while offering people the possibility to reduce their ecological footprint while maximizing comfort and freedom.

  • Personalized service

    With a genuine and empathic approach, we offer our customers the opportunity of adapting our product to their needs, according to their reality. Whether it’s for a personal or commercial use, our dwellings can respond different types of customers.

  • Modern design

    Our unique tiny houses are distinguished by their layout completely thought out according to the needs of our customers. The mix of steel and cedar gives a modern and timeless look to our units. The wood is in the spotlight in the inside too, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Innovation is reflected by the expertise in design and construction of small durable and self-sufficient buildings. They are complemented by an architecture which is similar to the Minimaliste design. For example, our prototype tiny house on wheels of 160 sq/ft is completely autonomous in energy. Off course, it is isolated for the Quebec winters (R21 for the walls, R39 for the ceiling and floor). Also, it is equipped with all the amenities in order to host a group of four people. In addition, our mini-model house called the “Sequoia” has, among other things, a complete entertainment system, a water tank of 250 liters, a solar energy system, integrated floor storage and a full kitchen.

For us, the minimalist trend represents simplicity, the purity of the lines and surfaces, the refined finish and the maximization of the space. The company is constantly in a learning process to specialize with the new materials and techniques of transgression of space in order to offer a product of exceptional quality. What we want to do in Minimaliste, is it to bring a small breeze of freshness in the world of construction. Moreover, we want to offer new solutions, bring something different which represents our generation.