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Semi-permanent or mobile, what’s the difference?


Our tiny houses are divided in two distinct categories: semi-permanent and mobile. Indeed, some tiny houses will be built with specifications that are more similar to residential houses, park models or mobile homes, while some other models will need to be built in a way that will allow for frequent moves by the owner, like typical travel trailers. This is why you need to understand the limitations and specifications related to each of our two product categories prior to making a decision on which model would fit your needs and reality. Here’s an explanation of the differences between the two product categories.

Some projects
Custom (Orme),Loft , photo: Minimaliste
Ébene, Living room, Photo: Minimaliste
Noyer, Living room, Photo: Ryan Tuttle (CA), USA
Charme, Kitchen, Photo: Minimaliste
Magnolia, Room, Photo: Minimaliste
Custom (Charme), Loft, Photo: Minimaliste
About minimaliste

Minimaliste brings a breath of fresh air to the housing industry with an innovative project in a booming market. 

From a sustainable development perspective, our high-performance buildings are build to last over time, while offering residents the opportunité to reduce their ecological footprint by maximizing confort and freedom.

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